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Welcome to Scholar Journals
At Scholar Journals, there is a union of various Scientists who are internationally famous and experts in their respective research fields. Through this co-operation, we publish open access journals in many fields of research. 
The mission of Scholar Journals is to become a helping hand to Research Scholars, Students, Teachers, Professors, Doctors and Professionals to publish their research results in Open Access Journals, which have high visibility and exposure through targeted readers.
Through Scholar Journals, we assure a rigid peer review and a transparent editorial process. Scholar Journals is engaging “In-house copyediting”. Scholar Journals  offer linguistic support to authors. At Scholar Journals, there is provision for Permanent archiving through the LOCKSS project of Stanford University Team.
Authors keep full copyright to their work through Creative Commons licenses. Overall, We encourage authors to become a part of an internationally experienced publishing team. 


Affiliations & Organizations

“SILAE”, the Italo-Latin American Ethnomedicine Society, Italy

Infofacility, the Scientific Publishing Organization

SSR, Society for Scientifc Research, India

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